Poster Contest
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2021 Kodiak Crab Festival Poster Contest

Make your mark on the Kodiak Crab Festival History!
Participate in this long-standing Kodiak tradition by entering your artwork in our poster contest.


This year, the theme is “Retro Revival”
Details & Rules

The Crab Fest Committee has selected the slogan “Retro Revival” for the 2021 Kodiak Crab Festival. Let your imagination run wild! There are no restrictions on the decade in which retro or revival are restricted to.


Entries Details:

  1. Artwork of all mediums are eligible including and not limited to paintings, prints, photography, and digital illustrations. High-quality photographs of a three-dimensional piece will also be considered.
  2. The finished poster will be 18″ x 24″. Submitted artwork may be larger or smaller, but the size will be altered from that of the original to meet poster dimensions. Additionally, text reading Kodiak Crab Fest 2021 will be added to submissions in which it is not already included.
  3. Digital entries must be available in high-resolution no less than 300dpi when enlarged to 18” x 24”.
  4. Entries should be representative of Kodiak and marketable as a poster to a wide audience.
  5. By submitting artwork, the artist confirms that the work is their own and that they have the rights to it.

Submission Rules:

  • Artists should submit entries electronically to Sarah Phillips, Kodiak Crab Festival Manager, at
  • All entries must be received no later than 5 PM on Monday, November 9th, 2020 to be considered.
  • Artists should submit photographs of physical artwork or digital photography, and entries may not be watermarked.



  1. The artist/owner retains ownership of the artwork and gives the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce the exclusive right only to produce and sell it as a Kodiak Crab Festival poster. The artist’s credit line will appear on each reproduced poster.
  2. The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to use images of the winning artwork to advertise Crab Festival and Poster Sales, including but not limited to Social Media and Website posts, flyers, and signs.
  3. The final design will be chosen by the 2021 Crab Festival Committee. The Committee reserves the right to not choose any of the artwork submitted. The Committee also reserves the right to commission an artist.
  4. The chosen artist receives $200 of Crab Festival Merchandise recognition through the sale of Crab Festival posters.
  5. The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any artwork. Artists submitting works should carry their own insurance.

The winner will be notified by November 16, 2020, and will receive $200 of Crab Festival Merchandise. Additional questions may be directed to Sarah Phillips, Kodiak Crab Festival Manager, at (907) 486-5557 or

Past Posters