Crab Festival Posters

2023 Poster by Sami Ali

We present you with the 2023 Kodiak Crab Festival Poster!

Sami Ali is a modern representational artist who has a love of plein air painting – painting outdoors, and on-site. Her bold and whimsical approach to painting contributes to her modern style, as does her intuitive sense of color and textural use of paint. Using primarily a palette knife, she prefers a wide landscape format as she sees the world through this dynamic lens. She divides her time between Anchorage and Kodiak, where she is inspired by the liveliness and community of this fishing village. Often, she can be found painting by the boat harbors, on Surfer Beach, or along the Pasagshak River, capturing the true colors of light and shadow. She hopes the energy she feels while painting on-site is imparted to the viewer. Her painting “Sunrise on the Rock” depicts the beauty and majesty of Pillar Mountain as it watches over Kodiak and was painted plein air from Near Island on a warm morning last summer.

We’re looking forward to seeing this poster hung in the homes and offices of Kodiak for years to come!