Kodiak Crab Festival | Crab Festival Posters
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Crab Festival Posters

2022 Poster

We present you with the 2022 Kodiak Crab Festival Poster!


Jeannie Watkins, the designer is a freelance artist/photographer who grew up in Kodiak has made her home in Salem, Oregon. Although she enjoys numerous art mediums, her primary focus is pointillism (pen & ink), pencil, and drawing people, animals, and all things Alaska.



Jeanie wanted to create something that was dramatic and bold, yet also fun and characteristic of Home (Kodiak). Anyone that has spent any time on Kodiak Island, knows that it takes just minutes to make lifelong connections with those we come in contact with. The friendships, comradery, selflessness, and love, is like no other. When I think of the Octopus….with its amazing physical attributes, it seems like the perfect alikeness and/or metaphor, of ‘Home’.


We’re looking forward to seeing this poster hung in the homes and offices of Kodiak for years to come!

Past Posters